Use the Super Bowl Playbook to Boost Your Business

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If you’re like a lot of football fans, the Super Bowl brings a whole other level of anticipation… what are the commercials going to be this year?  The always-popular unveiling of commercials will lure in lots of non-football fans just so they can join the water-cooler talk on Monday.
Polling last year by Venables Bell & Partners found that 78% of US Super Bowl viewers looked forward to the commercials.  According to recent data from Kantar Media, advertisers are likely spending more dollars than ever to reach this audience.  Last week, Kantar reported that total ad revenues from Super Bowl 2014 reached $331.8 million—up nearly 14% from $292.0 million the year before.  That’s a lot of money for a 30-second ad!
With the growth of social media, look for the commercials this year to take advantage of consumers who are second screen stacking (using another device while watching the Super Bowl on their TV).  By encouraging viewers to go to your Facebook page or other social media account during the commercial, you are able to maximize your advertising dollar.

This article on Social Media Today gives some great tips on how to get the best bang for your buck by using social media to enhance your traditional advertising.

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