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We are blessed with so many wonderful opportunities to create beautiful, functional and revenue generating websites for our Rockstar customers. 

It begins with clear communication and project discovery so that we might better understand your vision.  We take your vision and integrate it with our decade of web building experience. A plan is made, laid down on paper and then brought to life through modern design.  The designs are always so exciting for our clients, seeing their dreams realized, with anticipation brewing for the final product.  After you are 100% satisfied with our stellar designs our team of highly trained web ninjas begin to code your site using the latest coding methods and trends. 

Then it is here… The time has come for the unveiling of your dream website.  Rigorous testing is performed prior to site deployment.  After launch we stick around.  Here to guide. Here to help. Here to work.

We are Big City Marketing and we work Day and Night until it’s Right.

Our Process

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What type of project do you have for us?


  • Built with WordPress
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Compatible
  • Editable via WP Backend
  • Easy to update
  • Highly Expandable


  • Built to Sell
  • Multiple Framework Options
  • Add/Edit/Remove Products
  • Shipping Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Easy Checkout

Custom Web Design

  • Built for the Elite
  • Custom Coded
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Ultra Fast
  • Extreme Customization
  • Best of the Best

App Development

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Multiple Frameworks
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Native Apps
  • UX/UI Design

Why We Use WordPress

The CMS that powers the world.
Wordpress is Open Source and Free!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source software created to help people create and manage their websites. It’s one of the easiest and most powerful content management systems for websites available today, and it’s also free to download and install.

Plan a WordPress Project today.

Over 50,000 Plugins

Being popular has it’s advantages. WordPress plays GREAT with others.

Highly SEO Compatible

WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO will help improve onsite SEO!

WP Page Builder

The WordPress Visual Composer makes page layout creation a breeze.

Responsive Web Design

Your site will look great from a Desktop, Tablet or Phone!

Increase Site Security

Fortify your website with BCM Security and WP Plugins!


WP updates its core regularly and premium themes/plugins are updated often.

Coding Languages

AKA Technical Mumbo Jumbo

What Are the Things You Need to Check before Hiring a Website Development Company?


Development Portfolio and Reputation

Ask the company to share a list of prior projects or check their website for it.
Examining previous project designs and content is a great way to see if they are the right fit for you. Look for these factors in their previous projects:

  • Professional website design and content
  • Fast loading site
  • Consistent site experience on mobile devices

Pricing Plans and Payment Terms

Choose a company that has a transparent approach to pricing. They must provide a clear breakdown of the quotation. The web development packages offered must offer value. Check if they have plans that cater to your specific needs. The company must be flexible to discuss customized packages and payment terms. It gives you more freedom while deciding.


Development Tools and Practices

The coding and testing tools used by the company for website design must be top-notch. It determines the quality of code and the site’s front and backend. Check with the company if they follow Agile practices for development. It ensures top quality at every stage of the project. Ask about the testing tools used for ensuring site security and stability.


Experience with SEO

Your website won’t draw rewarding visitor traffic if it is not optimized for searches. SEO is the key to increasing visitors and revenue. The company must be experienced in standard SEO practices. Review the SEO techniques and practices implemented on previous projects. Choose a company with a proven SEO experience that does not use black hat methods to boost site ranks.


Post-launch Support

Many issues may come up after your website is launched. It includes code errors, broken links, and loading problems. The company must provide adequate support during this stage. Choose a company that includes support as part of the package. The support team must be knowledgeable about fixing any issues that may occur.


Open Communication

Open communication is key between you and the company. Regular reports of the project status are important. Check if a dedicated team is assigned to your project. It makes project tracking easy and effective. Clear communication must happen during each phase of the project. The company must consult you before makings any key decisions.


Website Content Ownership

Companies follow different practices when it comes to owning the site content. Make sure that you retain ownership of all your site data. It includes content, images, and code. The company must specify these clauses in the contract. Avoid companies that own the site data. These may be cheaper but could lead to unpleasant situations in the future.


Project Outsourcing

Choose a company that does all the work in-house. Many companies outsource different parts of the project to save costs. It presents a risk to your company’s confidential data.

Choose a company that does the following in-house:

  • Website design and development
  • Images and Videos
  • QA and Testing

Performing these tasks in-house indicates that the company is has skilled staff.

Are you looking for the best web development company in Montgomery, AL?

Why Is It Important

to Have a Responsive

Website Design?

Responsive site design adapts your site content to the user’s device screen size. It is a key aspect of website development.

A large section of users accesses the internet on their mobile phones. They must have a consistent browsing experience. A site that is not mobile-friendly impacts your reputation and SEO ranks.

Responsive design helps by:

  • Delivering consistent user experience
  • Easy analytics and tracking
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase reach for mobile users

This practice saves the cost of building a separate mobile site. It is also easier to maintain and fix issues. Good site design makes people stay on the site longer. It has a direct impact on conversions and sales, and it reduces the bounce rate and conveys trust.

Google ranks your site in searches based on these factors. A favorable ranking increases the reach of your brand across mobile users. A poorly designed site discourages user’s purchase decisions.

Investing in a responsive site will save you money and ring in more customers in the long run. You will be keeping abreast of the best practices in the industry by implementing a mobile-friendly design.

Do you want to know why we are the #1 web design company in Montgomery, AL?

How We Became the Top Web Design Company in Montgomery, AL?


We have experienced employees

We are at the top of the game, thanks to our employees. They are our assets. They have the knowledge, skillset, and experience needed to offer extraordinary solutions. In a fast-paced environment, they know they cannot afford to make mistakes. They check their works several times to ensure they meet the clients’ requirements. Apart from this, they are flexible and easy to talk with.


We have excellent design strategies

We love to push boundaries and present out-of-the-box design strategies. We understand that every client is unique, and so does their website. Be it designs, programs, or techniques; you get only the best from us. We follow a properly defined process that has passed the test of time. It includes the discovery phase, sitemap creation, layout designing, development, testing, and launching.


We possess knowledge of SEO

We know web designing and SEO are closely connected. It does not matter how attractive a website is; if it is slow to load, you will lose the audience. Hence, we maintain an in-house SEO team. We also take care of error pages using 301 directs. This way, your site meets all the criteria essential to top the search engine ranking.


We are supportive

We do not just get the job done but stand by our clients whenever they need us. We understand that clients can remain busy at times. That is why we do not ask them to come over for every minute details. We do our homework before we sit with them. Besides, we are always ready with alternative solutions. We believe it saves both our time and effort.


We prioritize communication

Lack of communication can tank any project, and our team knows it well. Hence, they sit with the clients before proceeding with the work. We give them regular updates and also explain to them about our work. Not only clients, but we also follow a sound communication system with our team members. Our effectiveness and efficiency are proof of that.


We meet deadlines

Deadlines are sacrosanct, and we never toy with them. Whatever may be the situation, we always deliver the work within the allotted time. Our punctuality is one of the major factors that have helped us build our reputation. If we think we need extra time, we let our clients know that way before time with a reasonable explanation.


We offer maintenance services

We do not leave our clients just after designing the website. We provide proper maintenance services and assist them in updating the sites. We guide them to tackle technical issues. This way, with time, they become self-dependent. However, if there is any major issue, our team will be there to help you in no time.


We create to-the-point content

We see many websites with incorrect data, irrelevant content, invalid hyperlinks, and more. But your’s need not have to be one. We deal with every such issue that can fail the very purpose of designing a website. We create to-the-point content after approving them from the client. You can never find anything irrelevant on the websites we create.  

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Website Design Company in Montgomery, AL?


You get a faster site

A professional website design company knows what can make your website slow. Besides, it is aware of the ways to give your website the extra push. It will integrate the necessary plugins and features to make the site secure and fast. As a result, you get a website that is comparatively faster than others. No more does the loading of screens affects your SEO ranking.


You save time and money

Time is money. And by hiring a professional, you save both. Not only do you get the website quickly, but you also get it within your budget. A professional company does not surprise their clients with fat bills. Besides, if the website demands any alteration or repair, it will not be on you. The company will take care of it.


Ample scope of customization

A professional creates a website keeping all your needs and requirements in mind. You get ample scopes to personalize the site. Also, a professional company incorporates the current trends in the site. When you purchase a template and make your site, you do not get these opportunities. Your website resembles one of the many available on the net.


You get an SEO-optimized site

if you want to grab the online market, a website is not enough. It has to be SEO optimized, and professionals know this. Hence, they do everything from using specific keywords to enhancing user experience. They also assist their clients with tracking analytics. It helps you to impress Google from the start.


You get a reliable site

To have a stress-free website, you need to get it designed by an experienced professional. Otherwise, it may happen that when you make any change to the website, it crashes. It seldom happens with self-designed websites. Your business suffers, and you lose money. You may opt for an emergency fix, but the site remains the same. Getting professional help saves you from this headache.


Access to the latest technology

Every day, new tools, plugins, apps get launched in the market. Using them certainly takes your website a notch higher. But do you have the money and knowledge to use them? A professional company always keeps itself updated with the latest technology. Hiring one has two benefits. It does not cost you a fortune, and you stay ahead of your competitors.


Access to high-quality work and greater creativity

When you hire a professional, you get only high-quality work. Professional companies always hire talented staff to deliver superior results. They know how to use the content, images, and graphics to make the site unique. You also get access to their creative minds. Hence, you get a website capable of drawing new customers and retaining old ones. 


You create a lasting first impression

People get to know about you and your business through your website. Hence, you cannot afford not to impress them the first time. If you fail, not only do you lose them, but they also may discourage others from visiting your site. This makes it necessary to have a sleek, informative, unique, and easy to navigate. Only a professional can help you achieve this.

Are you looking for a professional web design company in Montgomery, AL?

Types of Website Design Services We offer


Dynamic Website Design

The dynamic website we design is flexible and has greater usability. In this website, updating content is easy, and so is altering parts of the site. It takes care of the formatting and design elements, leaving you with fewer worries. You can change the font for the entire site with just one click. Thanks to its content database, managing and editing pages is no more a tiresome job.


Static Website Design

Our static website design does not break a bank. Also, we take minimal time to develop this website. It is a basic type of website design, and we create it by using HTML codes and CSS. There is no need for Web programming. This apart, our static websites are reliable, secure, and scalable. They respond well, even when there is a poor internet connection.


e-Commerce Website Design

Grow your business by leaps and bounds with our e-Commerce website. Nowadays, the majority of people prefer shopping online. It makes it essential to have an e-Commerce website. We design it in the way you desire without charging much. Our website helps you easily track customer and product data. It aids you in maintaining adequate stock and expands your customer base.


Enterprise Website Design

You need the right person to create an enterprise website, as it can be very complex at times. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills essential to design such a website. We always strike a balance between your business goals and user experience. It helps the website drive value to your business. Besides, we offer you a streamlined data architecture that boosts your conversion rates.


Financial Website Design

Without a good financial website, prospective investors will fail to find you. Our design makes your website easy to use and eye-catching. We create different sections to showcase your work and the services you provide. We make a point to make people realize how attentive you are to their needs. After all, proper visibility is important to drive more clients.


Website Design for Nonprofits

A website gives your nonprofit much-needed exposure. Our design ensures that people find all the information readily on your website. We organize the table of contents and keep no information several clicks away. We give priority to communication and story-telling. It helps you explain to people your work and create a bond with them.

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