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The Covid19 pandemic has changed all our lives in 99 different depressing ways. But it forced us all to do one thing together- get shoved into the virtual world.

Have to ask the boss for a raise?

Click on zoom. Need to get veggies for mom?

Open Amazon Fresh. Run out of tampons?

Order on Capsule. All these services have one thing in common- an interactive website

As we jump into an increasingly virtual world, designs of websites have gotten even more creative. Each new theme that has surfaced in late 2020 and early 2021 has become a trendsetter. And we netizens cannot get enough of this. Scroll down to briefly look at this year’s most anticipated list of web designs.

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Break the Rules with Anti-Design

As the name suggests, this theme has thrown all caution right out of the window. By going against every thumb rule of web design, this theme fits like a glove in today’s turbulent times. One can say anti-design pretty much sums up the mood of 2020.

Chaotic, bold, and beautiful, this theme captures the user’s attention right away. It also gives a lot of space for web designers to innovate and experiment with new ideas. This theme also merges ideas and trends in social media and pop-culture with web and graphic design.

A website created with this theme will have an asymmetrical layout and is usually loaded with jarring coloring, bold fonts, and distorted elements. This is not palatable for everyone. It is appalling, controversial, and sometimes even called ugly. Nevertheless, this leaves a lasting impression on the user.


Do It Yourself in 2021

This is the one theme that has thrown most internet users off track. With this theme, users can mold the website according to their personal preferences. One can switch from light to dark mode, customize their navigation around the page, and more.

This theme is changing the internet from a passive to an active platform. Tech bloggers and editors predict that this theme will make companies take digital accessibility as a serious issue.

Soon websites will become a reflection of their users’ style, choices, and taste. Soon users will be able to enlarge fonts, change the website’s color, and more to suit their convenience.


Minimalism – Less Is More Now

Leaving empty spaces on a website has always been considered unaesthetic and amateurish. But the exact opposite of this has become a trending web design.

Information written in small, simplistic fonts on top of large pictures is how a typical minimalist website looks. Modern-day designers believe this theme results in an easy consumer experience.

This is a classic less-is-more approach that gets rid of any unnecessary element. This, combined with animation, illustrations, and graphics, can lead to creating a unique website.


Dark – Is Black the New Colorful?

Instagram did it, and so did Facebook. And now websites are following suit as well. This theme is rapidly becoming a huge crowd favorite. As most websites can switch to dark mode, designers are embracing the ‘dark’ way to make their work pop on screen.

This is one of the themes that designers believe will continue to trend in 2021 as well. Not just for aesthetics, but the dark mode does good for your eyes and your devices too. This is because it reduces blue light exposure to a large extent. Many websites even have installed a toggle to switch to dark mode.


Animation – Make it Move

Animations, big or small, never fail to make a striking impression on the user. The animation could be used as the button to subscribe to your newsletter or follow your company’s social media handle. This will instantly make the user click on it and find out more about it.

It breaks the monotony of scrolling and captures the interest of the user. Hence this is why animation is one of the handiest tools to increase user interaction.

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Make It Move – Play It Cool with Videos

Video has always remained to be one of the most powerful tools of storytelling. Instead of allocating a small space for a video to play, designers are now converting the website into one large screen. The effect is simply stunning.

A new form of videos known as transparent videos has come up to increase the website’s legibility. This adds a touch of personality to your website and makes it interactive. Slow-motion videos are another great alternate too.

This doesn’t split the attention of the user too much. Also, other than being used as backgrounds, videos are used as smaller elements as well.


Augmented Reality (AR) – Make it (almost) Real

With AR’s help, any company can directly show and tell its customers about its products irrespective of its genre. Sitting at home, consumers can see the interiors of new car models, real estate properties for sale or rent, how a new laptop or phone looks from close up.

Used with a touch of creativity, AR has the potential to improve your entire brand image drastically. More retail and e-commerce websites are utilizing the power of AR to guide potential customers. AR has truly transformed the shopping process into a wholesome experience.


Return of the Retro

All things old have truly become the definition of cool today. Ironically, going back in time has become a standing theme of the future. And web designs and designers are not immune to this fad.

Many companies have used this theme to create their primary look, from retro fonts to black and white themed designs. A vintage touch is likely to make things look stylish and chic rather than boring and outdated.

Cartoons have also crept into website designing as a part of the retro theme. Irrespective of the content, this is bound to put a warm smile even on surly teenagers.


Make Design Dynamic with 3D

With the advent of higher resolution screens, the 3D design has come a long way. Due to the availability of advanced technology, 3D elements are longer mere distractions.

They are being used as a major element in many websites with a minimalist theme. This is one of the tools after animation that can truly bring a website to life.


Switch to Scrollytelling

You guessed it right. Scrollytelling stands for scrolling and telling a story. As scrolling has become a familiar part of our lives now, web designs have found a way to incorporate it in websites as well.

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Scrollytelling breaks the monotony of horizontally placed text and introduces motion in a small space. Just the right amount to not distract the user. Even news websites are adapting to this theme to deliver immersive multimedia stories. This theme gives a lot of room to include videos and photos.

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