What is a Domain Name Strategy and How Can it Help Your Business?

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The world of websites and digital marketing is far and wide… and continues to change every day. One area of digital marketing that often gets ignored are domain names. Do you have a domain name strategy for your business?
domain name strategy
Incorporating a domain name strategy into your online marketing efforts can have huge upsides to your business. It also gives your online marketing an edge over competition.
Here are 3 domain name strategies you can use in conjunction with your current online marketing efforts:

Purchase keyword domain names for your business

If you have a website or have done any online marketing, by now you have likely done some keyword research for your company. You probably did this for on-site SEO, PPC advertising, blogging or hashtag purposes. However, effective keywords for your business also extends to domain names as well.
Here are ways you can use keyword domain names for your organization:

  • Change the root domain of your website to a keyword domain name for SEO value and to catch type-in traffic.
  • Forward multiple keyword domains to your main website.
  • Set up a single-page website with top-level information about your business on a keyword domain and link back to the main website.
  • Create a stand-alone blog on a keyword domain related to your industry, and link back to your main website and share socially.

Specialized Marketing Campaigns

Setting up specialized marketing campaigns throughout the year really help boost your online marketing efforts, create awareness, and increase sales. Using a separate domain name that is related to your business but is not a sub-domain of your main website has good benefits.
First, a domain name gives users a dedicated and easy-to-remember place to go see that campaign’s information. When you purchase catchy and relevant domain names, they are easy to remember for users and potential customers.
Second, using a dedicated domain also helps you tie together online and offline marketing campaign promotion as well as track the overall performance of a campaign.

Protect your brand

One way you can protect your brand online is by purchasing domains that include your company name (especially if you have not trademarked the name yet), then forward them your root domain.
For example, if you are a furniture rental company named Option Rentals and have been in business for years, you likely want to protect your brand online moving forward. Therefore, in addition to having your business name as your domain name,, you may also consider purchasing Option.Rentals so that that name is owned by you and not purchased by any other business (particularly a competitor.)
Registering “defensive” domain names can get expensive, however making smart purchases that are impactful for your business will help protect your brand online.

Additional Thoughts

While digital marketing continues to change, many have continued to ignore using domain names as a strategy. These are three easy ways to develop a domain name strategy for your marketing.
Have you thought about buying more domains for your business? We’d love to hear the names you’re considering. Leave a message in the comments.