5 Ways to Get From Like to Love

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So you’ve built up your social media fan base and you’re really engaged with your ‘followers’. They ‘like’ your posts, comment every now and then, and even share your posts with their own friends. You’re getting reTweets and more followers everyday, but something’s not connecting. If you’re stuck in the ‘friend-zone’ with your social media fan base, then you may need to kick your game up a notch to make those followers fall head-over-heels for you and become customers!
Here are 5 Tips that Social Media Today shared to help you up your game!

Tip 1: Offer Exclusive Coupons to “Fans” Only

Social Media Today explains that if you’re getting good social media engagement, but that it’s not resulting in sales then “you need to bridge that chasm between their appreciation of your content and their use of your services. For starters, offer “fan-only” coupons. That’s half the reason people like a company’s page, because there is the possibility that that company will offer discounts that reward their followers for being there.” Give the people what they want! Try a coupon code to give your fans a discount off their next order and code it so you know where those sales came from… something like “facebook10”.  Social Media Today also says that “promoting your coupon/discount as a “fan-only” secret will actually drive more fans to your page.”

Tip 2: Go Behind the Scenes

Depending on what your product or service is, a special behind-the-scenes look can make your fans have a desire to become part of it! Maybe you have a passionate team member that LOVES designing new products. Interview her and post the video on your website and your social media pages! Social Media Today explains that “when fans and followers can see the face behind the thing you’d like them to buy, they connect more personally with it. And creating a personal connection with your business is what social media is all about.” And that will result in gaining customers and getting out of that “friend-zone”!

Tip 3: Offer a Call to Action (The Right One)

Many social media marketers have forgotten that a call to action is still needed when your goal is to convert follers to customers. So how do you do that? Social Media Today says you need to “provide a clear and concise call to action—and make sure you’re choosing the right one.” Some examples include: “Download This”, “Give Us a Call”, “Reserve Your Spot Today”, etc. Just make sure you tell them why they need to do it and make sure you use the right call to action.

Tip 4: Listen

Being a good listening is an essential aspect of social media marketing. Remember, there are a lot of opinions circulating around out there in the social media world and the more you can stay engaged the better! Try using personal responses to people instead of catch-all responses that make people feel like they aren’t being heard. If they feel like you’re listening to them and their voice is being heard they’ll be more likely to do business with you and spend some money!

Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid to Go All-Out Social

Social Media Today explains that if you are “only creating content that promotes your products and services—even if you think it’s subtle” that you’re not being social-friendly. Create specific landing pages on your website for people who come from social media if you need to. And if social media is the only contact someone has with your brand then you need to go all out! Give them everything they need where they are… “from videos of your employees to videos of your customers delivering testimonials to content that illustrates how to use your products to achieve something awesome.”

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