Do I Really Need to Worry About this thing called “Web Presence”?

So what is “web presence”? You may have heard it called “online presence” or “internet presence”, but they all mean the same thing… how does your company, organization or you as a person appear on the web? This can include your website, reviews about your business, social interaction, etc. You may have a beautiful store, a great sales team and a wonderful relationship with your local customers, but what does your business look like on the internet? Does it reflect your business the way you would want it to if it was in person?


Making the Most Out of Your Web Presence

More than 2 billion people use the internet today and they aren’t just posting pictures on social media sites. 78% of the time they are viewing content, searching and shopping. That’s a lot of potential customers and people just waiting to find out about your services and products!


Total Time Spent on Internet




Total Time Spent on Internet
42% – Viewing Content
36% – Other (email, e-commerce, search)
22% Social Networking






Importance of Search Ranking

The business listings in the first three positions of a Google search get more than 60% of the clicks. If you’re not one of the first listings, little alone on the first page, getting visitors to your website will be a big challenge.

Who gets the most clicks on Google



Who gets the most clicks on the 1st page of Google…
1st position – 42.3%
2nd position – 11.9%
3rd position – 8.4%




What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-faceted approach to increasing your listing when people search for your business category. On-site optimization, off-site optimization, links and content are all key elements to increasing your listing rank. Google uses a ranking algorithm to decipher all of the information about a website and decide just how high it should be ranked. Ranking in the top three is not easy and takes some time. Building trust takes time with search engines. Blackhat techniques that can make your listing jump rapidly can also result in penalties that can hurt your website for a long time. Trying to decide what search engines you need to focus on first? 70% of people use Google to search, followed next by Yahoo at only 15%.

What Search Engines Are Used


What Search Engines are Used:
Google – 70%
Yahoo – 15%
Bing – 10%
Other – 5%


Give The People What They Want

So you get someone to visit your website for the first time. Congratulations! Now, how do you keep them coming back? What kind of information will keep them revisiting your site over and over? Here’s the breakdown on what type of information consumers are looking for.

What do consumers want




What do your consumers want?
Coupons/Promotions – 80%
Brand News – 8%
Answers to Q’s – 5%
How-to’s – 5%
Interviews – 2%





What Are You Waiting For?

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