How to Tweet

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If you use social media I’m sure Facebook is your go-to tool of choice.  You’ve probably even mastered it and now you’re ready to venture out and enter the world of Twitter.  The general overview of Twitter – a Short Messaging Service (SMS) – is that you have to share your message in 140 characters or less.  Yes, 140 or less.  And that is called a “Tweet”.  That’s the beauty of it… short, straight-to-the-point snippets of information that you can quickly get out to your customers (or potential customers).  Albeit, there are ways to get around the character limit by using services like Bitly (to shorten any links you want to share) and Twishort (allows you to tweet more than 140 characters).  This infographic gives a good visual overview of how to use Twitter so you can begin engaging more consumers.  Happy Tweeting!
Source: Render Positive
How to Use Twitter