Targeting Millennials and Generation Z Online

By February 25, 2015 April 25th, 2020 No Comments

According to a new article published by Social Media Today, there are 5 things you should do to target your online message toward Millennials and Generation Z’s.  Social Media Today reports that these two generation groups have significant buying power and considering they’ve grown up with the internet as part of their daily lives, proper targeting becomes even more important.

According to an article on Forbes.com, Millennials try to avoid economic risks, are close to their families, are achievement-oriented and are collectively optimistic.  According to an article published by a university, the main characteristic of Generation Z is their pervasive use of technology.  Generation Z members live online, share their life online and like to contribute to the knowledge online.  Generation Z seem to have more in common with their parents, enjoy the same music and aren’t embarrassed to be hanging out with them.  They also tend to trust their parents opinion.

So how does this information translate into building your business?  When you want to target Millennials and Generation Z members, Social Media Today suggests that you focus on 5 Strategies.  You can read more about each strategy here.

1. Be Relevant, But Don’t Try Too Hard“When a company tries to use a slang term, they need to make sure it works when they say it.”
2. Embrace Creativity – “The problem with this strategy is that Millennials and Gen Z have fully embraced creativity and uniqueness, so marketing plans need to follow suite.”
3. Utilize the Real-Time Trend of Communication“Consumers under 40 regularly use social media to ask for help from companies.”
4. Be Findable & Searchable –  “Increase the visibility of your online platforms.”
5. Embrace User-Generated Content (If You’re Prepared For It) – “When it comes to the Under 40 crowd, it’s important to be relevant without being too cheesy or fake.”

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